About Us

We are all about writers helping writers. We know how much work it takes to write a publishable book because we’ve done it. It’s to share the lessons we learned along the way that we started Paris Book Doctors.

Our story

In 2009, Albert Alla moved from Oxford to Paris to write yet another book. The previous two, which he’d slaved away on all alone, were both clearly destined to gather dust under his bed.

Albert fully expected to spend a year huddled all by himself. Instead, he found a community of dedicated novelists working with each other to improve on their craft.

Whereas his previous books had drowned in agencies’ slushpiles, two agents fought for the right to represent him this time around.

His story is by no means unique. Paris Book Doctors was born out of the realisation that writers are crucial to each other. No one has spent as long struggling with and learning to overcome the very issues you’re facing with your manuscript than a published writer.

Paris Book Doctors is about giving writers the tools they need to bring their manuscripts to a publishable standard. It’s about giving strangers what we give each other.

Our people

We are all published writers who have spent years working on our craft. Collectively, we’ve published novels, memoirs, collections of essays, short stories, poems.

Some writers prefer to remain anonymous, so here are some of our less timid writers:

_E1A7850Albert Alla. Albert writes literary thrillers, and has been running writing groups since 2006. His first novel, Black Chalk, is scheduled for publication in November 2013. He is represented by Peter Straus, from Rogers, Coleridge & White.

Albert studied economics at Oxford and has managed businesses on small French Pacific Islands. He’s currently working on a novel that explores the trade-off between business and individual morals.


Helen Cusack O’Keeffe. CSC_1823 (640x428)Helen has been running groups on the craft of writing since 2009. She has lectured and led symposiums on various aspects of the novel, and published extensively in journals and anthologies.

Her diverse academic background includes Russian literature, psychology and archaeology, and she spent ten years working in a clinical team for mentally ill homeless people in London. She also performs at literary cabarets.