Here’s a selection of testimonials from different genres. You can contact some of these authors directly (see link under their testimonial).

From a comedic novel:

The Paris Book Doctors provided a service I could not have found elsewhere. I had given my novel to my friends to read and critique. Although they were all intelligent, educated, and well-meaning, they simply did not have the experience or expertise to analyze the narrative foundations of my story. PBD not only reviewed my work, but helped me to see the process in a new, more methodical and logical light. The curtain was pulled back on many of the weaknesses and, crucially, they pointed out how I might begin to fix the problems. Writing, especially novels, is a difficult business. We embark on the longest projects in the field and will be judged in a few minutes by an overtired, overcaffeinated editor doing his duty at the slush pile. PBD helped me – an amateur novelist – to approach this work with a professional’s eye and to propel my passion to the standards of the industry. To me it was well worth the price, especially given how much of myself and my time I had already invested in the work.

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From a literary novel:

I am a writer and literary critic based in New Delhi, India. My articles, essays and book reviews have appeared in Brooklyn Rail, The Hindu, The Friday Times , The Times of India among others. Recently, I availed editorial service called ‘Submission Package’ of Paris Book Doctors for my first novel Three Kinds of Dreams and I am very much impressed by the work done by Albert Alla of the agency. He has critiqued my covering letter, synopsis and first 10 K words from my novel.  Being a professional critic I had managed to write a decent covering letter and a workable synopsis, but Albert’s editorial intervention transformed them in to something extraordinary and magical. I even tested it by sending a query to a well know agent and believe me, he reverted to me within 24 hours.

Albert’s comments on my 10k word sample was also an eye opener. He pointed out many plot holes and inconsistencies which had not been noticed by me and my fellow writer friends. And whatever hints and pointers he has provided are going to help me in editing and polishing  the entire manuscript.

I recommend Paris Book Doctors to all budding/aspiring writers.

Abdullah Khan

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From a psychological thriller:

I’d written a novel that I thought was fairly polished, but my agent still wasn’t convinced. It’s so hard to be objective about your own work, and though I’d taken the manuscript, chunk by chunk, to various writery workshops, the text still had flaws, structurally and I wasn’t sure how to fix them. Paris Book Doctors read the manuscript I emailed and returned it with constructive feedback as to the plot, plus many line edits and a detailed analysis of the plot. They made extremely useful suggestions as to how I could improve tension, raise the stakes, and make more of certain themes. The critique was encouraging, and I felt they really understood the book. I now have the tools to rework this manuscript and feel far more confident about getting it published – watch this space!